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A lot of planning and work goes into getting your college student off to school. And no matter what, something always gets left behind.

A typical student can bring a variety of personal items to college, including a TV, stereo equipment, laptop, microwave, refrigerator, and gaming system.

Typically, the parents’ homeowners policy will cover property stolen away from home up to a limit of 10% of the contents coverage. For example, if the parents’ policy has contents coverage of $100,000, the coverage for a student away at college would be $10,000 minus the policy’s deductible.

Here are some tips that can help prevent dorm room theft this school year.

  1. Consider buying a dorm safe. Living in a college dorm is a great way to meet new people and create lasting memories and friendships. Unfortunately, not everyone has good intentions. Leaving personal items out in plain sight isn’t a good idea. If you have multiple roommates, there could be a lot of traffic in and out. Keeping expensive items in a safe can prevent them from being stolen.

  2. Use cable locks to secure your laptop. Laptops are a college necessity and contain a ton of information. The last thing students need is for their laptop with their research paper saved on it to get stolen. Cable locks can be attached to a computer and then attached to furniture. If someone wants to steal the laptop, they’ll have to take a big piece of furniture too.

  3. Research locking/storage options for gaming consoles. With the current chip shortage, next generation gaming consoles are in high demand. It’s wise to secure them as well. Check out the different options by clicking here.

  4. Keep the door locked. Running across the hall for a few minutes could lead to being away for several hours. While it may seem like a hassle, locking your door is the best prevention.

  5. Keep expensive items at home. Keep expensive unnecessary items at home to prevent theft or to keep you from misplacing them.

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