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Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter can be unpredictable. Review the tips below to prepare for whatever winter may throw your way.

  1. Slow down. Posted speed limits are for ideal conditions.

  2. Leave early. Having a cushion of time is the best defense against wintery roads.

  3. Keep windows, lights, hood, and roof clear of snow/ice.

  4. Larger vehicles need more time and distance to safely respond, so do not cut in front of semis or other large trucks.

  5. Beware of snow ridges and slush between lanes.

  6. Brake early and gently to avoid skidding. If your wheels lock-up ease off the brakes. Do not pump anti-lock brakes.

  7. Do not use cruise control or overdrive in wintery conditions.

  8. If possible, avoid driving altogether in adverse conditions.

Have the following items in your vehicle:

  1. Snowbrush

  2. Flashlight

  3. Gloves

  4. Blanket

  5. First aid kit

  6. Rock salt, sand or kitty litter

  7. Jumper cables

  8. Rope or chain

  9. Cell phone charger

  10. Water and non-perishable snacks

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