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Winters can be rough on homes. Frozen pipe bursts, leaky roofs, and structural damage are just a few risks your home may experience. Protect your home with the following tips:

Ice Dams

  • Keep gutters and down spouts clear of debris, snow, and ice so melting roof snow can flow.

  • Keep snow on your house to a minimum. Roof rakes allow you to safely pull the snow off.

  • Evaluate your attic’s insulation and ventilation. Good airflow is essential for a cool, dry attic.

Frozen Water Pipes

  • Insulate pipes susceptible to freezing.

  • Drain water and disconnect garden hoses from outside spigots.

  • Ensure everyone in the home knows how to shut off the water main in event of a pipe burst or any other water loss.

  • When leaving for long periods of time, shut off the water main.

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