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‘TIS THE SEASON… for an umbrella policy

The year seemed to have flown by and we are now approaching the holiday season. It’s the season for friends and family to gather together to laugh, reminisce and make new memories. Opening a home to guests can be one of the greatest joys of the holiday season but it can also mean increased risks. A homeowners policy includes liability coverage, but does it include enough? It is important for a homeowner to understand the increased risk and what it may mean for them. Here are some ways to help reduce your risk:

1) Clearing ice and snow from the sidewalks and driveway

2) Clearing clutter from the hallways and stairs

3) Being cautious of how much guests are drinking – calling a taxi if necessary

4) Checking food temperatures to insure food is properly cooked to eliminate food poisoning

Even if the above precautions are taken, accidents happen, along with liability lawsuits. An umbrella policy helps provide the extra protection you may need this holiday season. The Oakes Agency offers umbrella policies ranging from $1M to $10M. Help protect your assets this holiday season with an umbrella policy today.

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